I started learning HTML back in 1998 while I was high school. I learned how fun it was to have a tool set that allowed me to mix technical and aesthetic design and see the instant results on my screen. I changed my major a few times as I decided which degree I actually wanted to obtain. This allowed me to take courses on everything from C++, Java, networking, and multimedia development.

I obtained a Bachelors of Integrated Studies focusing on Web Development and Marketing. Through my education, personal interests, and wish to keep up-to-date on modern web technologies, this has allowed me to fulfill multiple roles at my jobs.

I’ve worked for several small businesses as well as a contractor for a company with contracts with government agencies and Fortune 50 companies. At these jobs I’ve done everything from creating magazine advertisements, helping design software installers, creating interactive training simulations, and general web development.

I now work for a company that has developed their own CMS that allows for the creation and “skinning” of websites with little interaction from the programmers allowing more time for development and maintenance. I am also responsible for maintaining and creating new features for the transit authority, along with helping existing clients with any problems that arise.

I’ve also taken the reins on maintaining our servers and databases as well.

My previous job had me wearing many hats as well, as I designed and managed our databases to the best of my ability, handle all IIS configurations, and in charge of quality assurance and testing along with my other co-worker.

I am a big gamer as well and have run and still running a few successful sites. Less QQ, More PewPew was a site I created dedicated to World of Warcraft and at its peak the site was generating 1,200 unique visitors a day without paying for any advertising.  This was all accomplished by creating unique and interesting content for the game community and using social media effectively.

Another site I created is Behemoth Gaming where I write about my general gaming habits. Various posts and videos I have created have been wildly popular, and the site has generated 300,00 unique views within the first month. Unfortunately time at work and with my family has left me not updating as much as I would like.

I also created the site for Game Grid, a card and comic store in northern Utah, which I still support and help run today.

I have taught as an adjunct professor at Eagle Gate College, teaching multiple levels of web design, print design, and Flash development. I also serve on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Telecommunications and Business Education Department at Weber State University.

I enjoy writing code and designing awesome websites, regardless of the technology I use to do it.

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  1. I like your web site and i was also a student of yours when you worked for Eagle Gate College


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